Chalcedony Circle Ring

A single polished milky blue/white chalcedony stone sits in a modern and simple gold ring. This stone represents calm, serenity and trust.

Did you know? Chalcedony is the form of Quartz that is compact and microcrystalline. It occurs in many different forms, colors, and patterns, and many varieties have been used as gemstones since ancient times. It is believed to increase physical energy and promote positivity.

*Due to the rarity of this stone, only a limited quantity will be crafted.

  • handcrafted by Amanda Pehrson in Denver, CO
  • stone measures 10mm
  • 1mm wide band
  • available in 14k gold fill or sterling silver
  • hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead-free
  • responsibly mined in Oregon, USA
  • made from recycled materials


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